full name
jack christian dalton
birthday & age
nov 8 37
current residence
mission district, sf
spoopy content creator & ghost hunter
status & sexuality
facts has a podcast called super? natural, a weekly episodic channel examining unsolved paranormal mysteries. he has a supplemental youtube series called that's not a fucking ghost which sees jack personally investigating local 'ghost' or mysterious sightings in order to prove that they're fake or have a logical explanation. every episode ends with him declaring in one form or another: "that's not a fucking ghost."
has a criminal record for multiple drunk and disorderlies and breaking and entering.
lived long enough in england with his family that he hasn't ever been able to shake the accent and considers himself a brit.
gets confused between british & american spelling.
has a scar on left cheek.

thomas dalton
 father. not related by blood, though jack doesn't yet know that.

naomi dalton nรฉe quinn

andrei gogol
 actual father.

mimi kuryakin
biography before naomi quinn settled down with thomas dalton, she had a brief but memorable love affair with a russian mobster named andrei. things with andrei weren't going to be a longterm thing, she hadn't ever expected them to be, and she and thomas had been friends for a long while before that. things with andrei were (freshly, recently) done by the time thomas got up the nerve to finally ask her out, and a few weeks later she was pregnant. timing, right? timing that meant the baby was andrei's, and raising a kid with a mobster wasn't exactly on naomi's bingo card, and thomas โ€” well, thomas loved her, and thomas didn't really care, honestly, and he was a military man through and through and wasn't crazy about mob ties either, probably, and thomas had always wanted to be a dad, so. naomi and thomas packed up and moved and stayed together like the sweethearts they were, and raised their first born baby jack like he'd sprung from both of them. easy.

less easy when it turned out said first born was always going to be a bit of a black sheep, a bit skeptical and dry even from a young age, a bit difficult, a bit of a brat who liked to push buttons and see how far he could get before he'd be yelled at or grounded. he didn't fit with the kind of upbringing a military man brought with him into the household, and when the family moved around he became more flighty and unsettled, quick to frustration and perpetually getting into shit. a little sister didn't temper it at first. what do you mean, now he had to share all the attention he'd had with a squealing fat thing? bullshit.

less bullshit once the initial jealousy ebbed off, and jack realized that she was his sister, and he'd grow to shirk responsibility in every aspect of his life except for when it came to her. she was his squealing fat thing and that was final.

it was a shock to no one that jack wasn't built for school, let alone built for the kind of school that came with moving to military base after military base. from the moment he could evolve from throwing rocks and kicking rugbies through windows he was moving on to smoking in gutters, drinking and drugs and the general upwards incline journey of starting off as a child getting into shit and growing into an adult getting into shit. the shit just got more dangerous, more exciting, and better in every way. he barely scraped through high school and made some half-assed attempt to go to university but was too interested in breaking and entering into abandoned buildings to really pay much attention.

all of that started more for shits and giggles and only became a passion once he'd fucked around one too many times and needed some kind of personal goal before he drove himself off the nearest cliff. he'd always been a conspiracy theorist โ€” in the sense that he loved poking holes in conspiracy theories and proving everybody wrong and ruining everybody's fun. so what started out as a distraction and personal journal in the form of recording his own research into the paranormal ended up actually... doing kind of well. it took off at the start of the podcast craze, alongside his at first deeply grainy and shaky and unprofessional youtube channel (except for the episodes he'd convinced chloe to film). and then it became, to his great disbelief, his thing. and people gave him money to do more of it. and advertizers wanted to advertize on it (he's like the gordon ramsey of the podcasting world: every ad he reads out is followed by a "what the fuck is this shit?" people seem to dig it, weirdly.)

he settled in san francisco to keep it up, with his own recording studio in his own apartment, and frequently travels to go prove some other haunted house is just because of, like, carbon monoxide poisoning, or old man mcgregor in a mask. he still chainsmokes and pushes buttons to get a rise out of whoever he can, but who cares about those kind of sins, right? it's not like satan's real.
tropes agent scully
byronic hero
cunning like a fox
deadpan snarker
jerk with a heart of gold
occult detective
smoking is cool
john constantine
comicverse JOHN CONSTANTINE is an occult detective from Liverpool, England. His violent and anti-social attitude makes him a formidable anti-hero, and he's known for doing whatever it takes to get the job done. During his childhood experiments with magic, he attempted a spell taught to him that would make him a powerful magician. However, he was not told that the spell required a sacrifice; while performing it, his family home caught fire and resulted in the death of his mother and father. ( read more )
tie-ins initials j.c.
heavy smoker
snarky brat
english accent
big ol fuck up

    astral projection
    cosmic awareness
    demon summoning
    dimensional travel
    enhanced senses
    energy construct creation
    energy projection
       eldritch blast
    illusion casting
    mind control
    power absorption
    sigil magic
    spirit ward creation
demon blood

indomitable will

yellow power ring
helmet of fate

memories of john constantine
memories of jld
possible off-canons soulsword
cloak of levitation
necroplasmic psionic manifestations